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The leaders of this company are very passionate about the vision of making CAFtius one of the best IT Services company in the region with lot of focus on quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction, and are clear that the people who join us will be critical in fulfilling this dream. This responsibility will partly on you. We hope you not only learn quickly and contribute but will also assist us in making this place vibrant.

Promoted by professionals with hands on experience in the IT industry, we realize that out most valuable assets are our employees. The management takes care of the needs of the present and future employees of the organization by recognizing and understanding their needs for a comfortable and tension-free atmosphere where they can perform and learn new skills and technologies. With experience in the provision of bright solutions to business, CAFtius has a knowledge pool highly talented and skilled professionals inhibiting good attitude to spread the knowledge through the organization.

CAFtius has largely contributed to the major chunk of talented IT professionals who are regarded as the best candidates in their own fields and who posses an immaculate track record, valuable educational background, certifications, and relevant experience.

- A well laid out recruitment, performance management, skill and knowledge imparting and succession planning
- Pays importance to employee satisfaction to build loyal group of employees who can perform the best.
- Equal opportunity in growth and attractive reward and incentives
- Our professional, dynamic, high performance work culture provides the best place for learning and career progression
- The leaders of the organization are committed to the development of each individual in the company

If you wish to be part of the winning team, please mail your resume to hrd@caftius.com

Welcome to Caftius