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RFID Solutions
Due to complexity in supply chain environment, the clients and their trading partners look for a transparency in information about products at any point in the supply chain. RFID is the new solution which the people in trade have been using to achieve trading partner requirements and for gaining greater supply chain visibility.

RFID Service Features
• Payment Solution Integration
• Enterprise RFID Component Development
• RFID Tracking Solutions
• Integration Solutions for RFID
• RFID Integration

CAFtius offers RFID Solutions that are integrated into all business applications and we also eliminate much of the custom development such as time implementation and costs, which are often taxing.NFC Solutions

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is one of the cheapest ways of contactless information exchange which focuses upon making more convenient ways of transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices at the ease of a touch.NFC is an evolution of the original specifications used to create RFID tags and contactless payment systems. ISO / IEC 14443 defines specifications for identification cards, contactless integrated circuit cards, and proximity cards, which for the purposes of discussion here we'll call "tags". NFC harmonizes todayβ??s diverse contactless technologies, enabling current and future solutions. Near Field Communication provides a variety of deployment scenarios. Some of which are

• Customer Engagement Programs
• Access control
• Consumer electronics
• Healthcare
• Loyalty and coupons
• Payments
• Educational Services
• Transport
• Ticketing Solutions
• NFC Payment Solution
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